Unit 2 Webquests
Cells Division Webquest

Cell Structure Webquest
Part 1: Eukaryotic versus Prokaryotic Cells
Part 2: Cellular Organelles
Part 3:How organelles work together
Part 4: Practice - Construct a Cell
Part 5: Levels of Organization in Multicellular Organisms
Part 6: Cell Labeling - revisit any of the previous websites to help you label your pictures.
Cell Transport Webquest

Osmosis Virtual Lab - Homework
Cancer Webquest - Homework

Amazing video:

proteins moving inside a neuron (nerve cell):

To help you study for the Unit 2-1 Test
Cell Structure and Organelles
Movement through the Membrane (Cell Membrane structure, Active and Passive Transport)

Cell Division Videos

Basic Mitosis

Basic Mitosis

Twilight Mitosis:

Mitosis Song and Dance (silly)

Mitosis by Hybrid Medical

Cell Cycle Song (Paradoy of Like a G6)

Interesting Resources:
  • CBS interview with the author of Henrietta Lacks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRrNjHYxP_o&feature=related
  • this video describes the true story of the scientists, donor and her family which lead to the creation of a cancer cell culture. The cell culture has been alive from 1951 to NOW! and has been used in nearly every area of medical research including vaccines, cancer, genomics and many others.
  • Importance of cell cultures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIZTADFW4t0&feature=related
  • describes how they are created and how they are used, includes description of Hela cells (Henrietta Lacks)