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Meiosis Web links

//Lew-Port’s Meiosis Page//
//Sumanas Inc//
: //Biology in Motion//
: //PBS-Mitosis vs. Meiosis//
//Meiosis Review Game//

Play the Sperm Race Game - can you navigate well enough to reach the egg?

Stem Cells Webquest:

Helpful Links and Resources -- In addition to the links in the web activity, the following sites may be helpful.
Stem Cells News Clip - ABCNews 2011 -
Meiosis Animation: (general information about stages of meiosis, includes genetic recombination)
"Unique Features of Meiosis" animation (good for crossing-over)
Independent Assortment animation
Genetic Recombination and Meiosis
Nondisjunction animation: [[ Meiotic Nondisjunction Meiosis I.htm|]]
Nondisjunction (online developmental embryology textbook)
Karyotype (webmd)
Karyotypes of Disorders (good images)

Karyotyping Activity:
Karyptyping Activity:
Videos and Movies
Meiosis Animation:

Why Have Sex:

Chicken Embryo development:
Life's Greatest Miracle from PBS NOVA
Stem Cells from PBS ScienceNOW - click on chapter 3 (starts at 25:58)
New Heart Built with Stem Cells on youtube
Celebrity moms with infertility:
How you were born (3 min, no words, music)